Launch Day:
LEGO Dimensions

Stay connected to everything LEGO Dimensions - get alerts, video, special offers and more!

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Launch Day:
LEGO Dimensions

Get connected to everything LEGO Dimensions with the free Launch Day App for LEGO Dimensions!

 This app delivers real-time alerts to your device containing exclusive news, strategy, video, and special offers you won't find anywhere else.

 You can also use the app to unlock your Launch Day Guide bonus when you purchase the game at Walmart.

 It's everything you need as a LEGO Dimensions fan to stay at the top of your game! 

Key Features


Stay connected to the latest updates on your favorite games with our real-time news alerts from leading gaming destinations.


Official reveals, trailers, and exclusive video content from the ediitoris of Launch Day are added to the App along with live viewing opportunities.


Interact and share your opinions about the games taht are important to you width other Launch Day users in our exclusive forums.


Access a variety of digitally downloadable items rasing from excluisve emojis and wallpapers to interactive magazines and game codes (not all downloads available for all titles).


Follow all of the most important social feeds on your favorite games in one central location. Updated in real-time from leading publishers, developers, and more.


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